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their respective regions. Each was invited to bring to the meeting a case study demonstrating ’ EIA practice’ in their region. A selection of these case studies has been included in this volume, which is a supplement to the second edition of the UNEP Environmental Impact . Case Studies of Environmental Impact Assessment: Air Quality Issues. To provide practical guidance and document environmental impact assessment practice in the domain of air quality, AIR-EIA provides a collection of typical case studies in common, standardised framework for better comparability.. EIA Case study: TPS Donaustadt: district heating. The use of short case study documents to share knowledge and learning is a key tool in this process and this page is dedicated to providing IEMA members with access to the latest learning from EIA practitioners. The case studies are set out per registrant and each file holds a 2-side case study based around an IEMA template.

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Case studies and other relevant information is available in this database. To search the database, please select your criteria in the form below and click on the Go button. If you have comments on any of these case studies, please send them to secretariat cbd.

To submit additional case studies, please click here. About the Convention, eia case study. Strategic Plan for Biodiversity Mechanisms for Implementation. The Cartagena Protocol, eia case study. Thematic Programmes. Cross-Cutting Issues.

News and Communications. General References. Impact Assessment. Why is it Important? What's the Problem? What Needs to be Done? Search Criteria. A conservation plan for a global biodiversity hotspot—the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa The authors produced a conservation plan that achieved conservation targets for biodiversity pattern and process in the species- and endemic-rich Cape Floristic Region of South Africa.

The result was a system of conservation areas. After describing the planning process, the authors discuss implementation A generic approach to integrate biodiversity considerations in screening and scoping for EIA The Convention on Biological Diversity CBD requires parties to apply environmental impact assessment EIA to projects that potentially negatively impact on biodiversity. As members of the International Association of Impact Assessment, the authors have developed a conceptual framework to integrate The site hosts a rich biological diversity of flora and fauna and is a key staging area on the migratory route of neotropical birds and those migrating Administration of the Eia case study Regulations in the Western Cape with regard to agricultural land In the Western Cape, authorisation for the change in use of agricultural land is divided between three statutory agencies with different — and in part conflicting — objectives.

The guidelines should be taken into consideration whenever developments are proposed to An environmental impact assessment of China's WTO accession : an analysis of six sectors This report represents the most comprehensive assessment undertaken by any country of the environmental consequences of a single trade agreement, China's accession to the World Trade Organisation WTO.

The focus is on six sectors; agriculture, forestry, marine aquaculture, automobiles, energy and t Anticipating Social and Economic Effects of Louisiana Coastal Restoration Projects This case study illustrates how the principles of Social Impact Assessment SIA are being applied to identify and analyze the social and economic effects of coastal Louisiana restoration activities.

The Task Team comprised Four partnership case studies between mining companies and conservation NGOs. This document illustrates, based on the lessons learned from four case studies in Africa, how collaboration and innovative thinking through partnerships between mining companies and conservation NGOs can contribute to significant conservation outcomes without obstructing mineral extraction processes.

Are the potential impacts on biodiversity adequately assessed in Southern African environmental impact assessments? The aim of the eia case study is to evaluates how adequately biodiversity has been assessed in reports on Environmental Impact Assessments.

The analysis is based the reports eia case study from a number of EIAs, including scoping reports, eia case study, specialist studies and Environmental Impact Reports. References to biodiversity, Assessing biodiversity impacts of trade: a review of challenges in the agriculture sector Agricultural expansion is a major driver for loss of biodiversity; changes in land use or intensity associated with trade liberalisation can therefore have major consequences.

Assessments of the impacts of agricultural trade have tended to neglect biodiversity, despite its crucial role in maintaining The CBD came into force in December Local communities, and many sectors of Biodiversity and impact eia case study Work is currently being undertaken to examine what role impact assessment can play in delivering international obligations on biodiversity conservation. The Convention on Biological Diversity CBD requires biodiversity to be considered in impact assessments, but also provides an opportunity for a more Biodiversity assessment framework: making biodiversity part of corporate social responsibility A multitude of tools and techniques exists to predict, measure or report on human impacts on the environment, eia case study.

The Convention on Biological Diversity provides In the Oil Sands region, a large number of environmental impact assessments EIAs have been completed for approximately 20 oil eia case study projects in the past two decades, eia case study. The EIA process Comprising verification of the data collated in the desktop study conducted inthe second phase has been important in terms of identifying and determining the Biodiversity impact analysis in northwest Yunnan, eia case study China This paper reports the main findings of a study on the factors threatening biodiversity in northwest Yunnan, a global biodiversity hotspot in China and home to over five million people.

The research was based on eight site-level case studies, eia case study. The main driving forces of biodiversity loss are livelihood Sign up for an account. Sign In. Title Contains.


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eia case study


growth case for Africa leads to more industrial sector energy use. In this test case, GDP increases from US $14 trillion to $18 trillion PPP, which is slightly more than one-third of China’s GDP. Africa EIA tested a case with higher economic growth Industrial sector Manufacturing Case study African manufacturing is currently 16% of the. Case Studies on Biodiversity and Impact Assessment In decision VI/7-A, the Conference of the Parties (COP) endorsed draft guidelines for incorporating biodiversity-related issues into environmental impact assessment legislation and/or processes and in strategic environmental assessment and requested the Executive Secretary to compile and disseminate current experiences in this field. helps to determine whether or not the project will require an EIA. EIAs are only required for projects that fall under the law and its regulations. In Colombia there is only one project category—and so only one type of environmental impact study—but the depth and content of the EIA are subject to.