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The most downloaded articles from Journal of Banking & Finance in the last 90 days. US News is a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings. Track elected officials, research health conditions, and find news you can use in politics. Articles on Banking. History of Modern Banking. This article describes the evolution of modern day banking. The emergence of central banks and fractional reserve system of banking has also been described in this article. Read More. Central Banking in the United States.

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Professor Stefan Thomke discusses how past experience and intuition can be misleading when attempting to launch an innovative new product, banking articles, service, business model, or process. Instead, Booking. Open for comment; 0 Comment s posted. Read the Transcript. Since the financial crisis, bank boards have not improved their cultural or gender diversity compared to other companies, nor are they better qualified than before the crisis.

Outside directorships of bank directors and the extent of CEOs also being Chairman also remains the same. However, there is some evidence of better risk oversight both from managers and the board. Around the corner: The transformative benefits of AI and big data, banking articles. Open for comment; Comment s posted. When Eastern Bank decided to battle a threat from new competitors, banking articles, it hired a fintech executive to set up Eastern Labs and start banking articles. Karen Mills discusses her case study on what happened next.

This paper contributes to our understanding of the role of large institutional investors in securities markets, providing evidence that the structure of the mutual fund industry increases the risks of costly "fire sales.

Between andthe Top 4 banks sharply decreased their lending to small business, banking articles. This paper examines the lasting economic consequences of this contraction, banking articles, finding that a credit supply shock from a subset of lenders can have surprisingly long-lived effects on real activity, banking articles.

Mobile money agents in the developing world face a key inventory management challenge: How much cash and e-float should be held to minimize both stockouts and excess working capital? The authors develop two inventory models and show substantial inventory cost reduction with a large dataset of East African mobile money transactions. Startups welcome growth but are often strangled by it, banking articles.

In this banking articles, Sunil Gupta discusses how entrepreneur Vijay Shekhar Sharma is meeting this challenge with his mobile payments company Paytm. Global banks commonly move funds across markets to respond to differential monetary policy changes. This paper finds that cross-currency flows affect the cost of foreign exchange hedging, banking articles, ultimately affecting credit supply in different currencies. The traditional view of how global banks respond to local shocks is weakened and, for major currencies, breaks down.

How do commercial banks create banking articles This paper represents the first attempt to empirically identify the primary determinants of cross-sectional variation in bank value. Among the findings: A bank's ability to produce deposits is by far the most important determinant in explaining cross-sectional variation in bank value.

It is clear that risk-taking by financial institutions is one of the main causes of financial crises and severe recessions. Yet we know relatively little about what gives rise to such risk-taking in the first place. This paper presents evidence that a focus on short-term stock prices induces publicly-traded banks to increase risk relative to privately-held banks.

The findings provide support for the view that compensation schemes should require management to hold stock for banking articles periods to mitigate their incentives to pump up short-term earnings and the short-term stock price.

This banking articles at the intersection of macroeconomics and banking explores the optimal regulation of banks. Studying and quantifying the effects of capital requirements in a model that features regulated commercial and unregulated shadow banks, the authors find that a higher capital requirement makes regulated banks safer, but does not affect the riskiness of shadow banks. The net benefit of such a policy would depend on the level of fragility of banking articles unregulated banks.

This paper studies the asset selection of private equity investors and the risk and return properties of passive portfolios with similarly selected investments in publicly traded securities. Results indicate that sophisticated institutional investors appear to significantly overpay for the portfolio management services associated with private equity investments. This paper investigates the rationale for issuing complex securities to retail investors.

Jeremy C. Stein and Adi Sunderam banking articles a model of monetary policy in which the observed degree of policy inertia is not optimal from an ex ante perspective, but rather reflects a fundamental time consistency problem.

Dante Roscini explains what's deflating markets worldwide. New research by Associate Professor Shawn A, banking articles. Cole, Martin Kanz, banking articles, and Leora Klapper explores how various compensation incentives affect lending banking articles among bank loan officers.

They find that incentives have the power to change not only how we make decisions, but how we perceive reality. Closed for comment; 10 Comment s posted. Ministers and central bankers are working to solve the debt crisis that threatens the European integration project.

Is there hope? There is reason to be optimistic, according to Harvard Business School's Dante Roscini, a former investment banker. Open for comment; 1 Comment s posted. Dean Jay O. Light and a group of Harvard Business School faculty explored the origins and possible outcomes of the U. Closed for comment; 0 Comment s posted. Saving money doesn't need to be so difficult. According to HBS professor Peter Tufano, "The most interesting ideas—indeed the oldest—try banking articles make savings a fun or satisfying experience.

Here's what government policy, the private sector, banking articles, and nonprofits can do. Key concepts include: A variety of levers can be used to support people who want to save not to force someone to save who doesn't want to. Some levers are simple changes that make the process of savings easier, banking articles. Banking articles levers involve providing various incentives, be they financial or sociological. The oldest and most interesting ideas try to make savings a fun or satisfying experience.

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Articles on Banking. History of Modern Banking. This article describes the evolution of modern day banking. The emergence of central banks and fractional reserve system of banking has also been described in this article. Read More. Central Banking in the United States. Recently published articles from Journal of Banking & Finance. Sep 06,  · News about Banking Industry, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. More News about the banking industry, including commentary and .